100% made in italy – italian design hand made

The Birth of Cocòl

 50-years experience, handed down from generation to generation, and a rare sensibility to shapes and fabrics are the birthplace of Chiara Cocòl, where an outfit becomes the mirror of a mood. It is the fusion of happiness, satisfaction and desire to like oneself … always, as if it were the first day, as if time has never passed by.

Any woman can wear Cocòl. Her clothes perfectly suit any female body, thanks to soft and perfect lines. Simplicity and an uncommon distinctive character allow you to customize your outfit with style.

Our collections will help you discover your own identity and choose how to combine different elements, which allow all women to enhance their shapes.


Chiara Cocòl aims to enhance female shapes, allowing women at all ages to wear colourful and unique handmade dresses. We dress mums and business women, who strive between family life and hectic working days. Comfortable and refined outfits, to make you look stunning in any situation!


Quality garments able to adapt to any body or shape. Designed & Produced in Milan for a real touch of Made in Italy.